About OnLive Files

OnLive Files is your cloud storage Web portal for use with the OnLive Desktop tablet app. Upload files from your PC or Mac at files.onlive.com for secure access and easy editing anywhere. Your uploaded files sync automatically with your Documents folder while your tablet is connected to the OnLive Desktop service.


How do I access my OnLive Files from a computer, tablet or smartphone?

From your computer or mobile device, open a Web browser, go to files.onlive.com and sign in to your OnLive account. Upload or download the files you wish to transfer to or from your OnLive Desktop.

How do I access my OnLive Files on my OnLive Desktop?

The same OnLive Files you see listed at files.onlive.com appear in the Documents folder in the OnLive Desktop app. Files you add to your Documents folder will appear at files.onlive.com, and files you remove from your Documents folder will disappear from files.onlive.com. Note that you may need to “reload” the files.onlive.com page to see your updated list of files.

How much file storage is available?

2 GB of cloud storage.

Why don’t changes to my OnLive Desktop Documents folder immediately appear at files.onlive.com (and vice versa)?

OnLive Desktop usually takes about a minute to synchronize the OnLive Desktop Documents folder with the files.onlive.com file list, although very large files may take longer. Also, you may need to click the “reload” button on your browser at the files.onlive.com page to see your updated list of files.

I lost my connection to OnLive Desktop while I was editing a file. Did I lose my work?

You should be okay. If you reconnect to OnLive Desktop within a few minutes, you should be able to resume your session and save the file. If you can’t reconnect, after about 15 minutes OnLive Desktop will attempt to save your open files, and you’ll find them at files.onlive.com, or in your Documents folder next time you reconnect to OnLive Desktop.